Elementor visual page builder is one of the most popular page builders for WordPress and with each update they provide new and useful tools, updates and fixes. This soon to be release version (2.4) is no exception. In this pre-release video, we take a look at the key new design features that will be included in the forthcoming release.

Responsive Background Images

Responsive Backgrounds in Elementor

The first feature provides much more control over background images. We can now manage custom sizes alongside the ability to use optimised or different images based on the device that the page is being viewed up. So, if you would like to provide a high-resolution landscape image for your desktop viewers and a portrait focused image for your mobile viewers, you can do that in seconds.

This opens up a range of great creative possibilities for enhancing your website design based on the type of device that your page is being viewed upon.

Responsive Borders

Responsive Borders in Elementor

Next up, we have Responsive Borders. You can now manage all aspects of borders based on the viewer’s device. If you want to provide a slimmed down border design on a mobile device, no problem at all. You now have access to the typically simple method of managing cross-platform settings for all your border needs.

Elementor Template Categories

Elementor Pro Template Categories

Finally, there is now the option to manage all your Elementor Templates by categorising them in much the same way that you can with your WordPress Posts. Simply create a category and assign your template to it and in the template listing, you can easily click on the preferred category to sub-filter all your templates. You also have the ability to create parent/child categories to further organise your important template files.

For example, you may create a WooCommerce category and then sub-categorise them into product templates, category templates, etc. This gives you the ability to easily organise all your template files in seconds and finding your templates just got a whole load easier.

For more information on Elementor Pro: 

ELEMENTOR PRO: http://bit.ly/2u3mzYX

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