What’s New In Elementor 2.6? – SVG | Font Awesome 5 & More

Elementor 2.6 – Font Awesome 5 Library

It’s always exciting when a new version of is in the works, and version 2.6 is no exception. Join us as we take a first look at the key new features on offer in the latest version of Elementor.

First on the table is the update to Font Awesome 5.  If you’re unfamiliar with Font Awesome, it’s a collection of over 1530 amazingly crafted vector icons and logos that provide you with amazingly small file sizes and fully scalable icons with no loss of quality. 

That’s a great improvement over the previous versions measly 675 icons to choose from!

All joking aside, the integration of Font Awesome 5 into Elementor is a great addition for icon lovers everywhere.

What we’d love to see is the ability to add additional FA icons to the library. What’s included at the moment are all the free icons, but if you’re a fully paid up Font Awesome Pro user, it would be amazing to see the ability to add those extra 5000+ icons to your library directly inside Elementor itself!

Font Awesome 5 Icons
Elementor Font Awesome 5 Icons

New React Powered Icon Picker in Elementor 2.6

With this new Elementor update, you now have access to this amazing collection directly inside Elementor itself. No more looking at tiny icons and trying to find something that works for your page design. Now you have a beautifully integrated React based icon viewer that allows you to search, filter and find the perfect icon for your design.

Anything that makes your design process quicker is a big winner in our books and the new icon browser is no exception.

Elementor 2.6 Font Awesome 5 Icon Picker
Elementor Font Awesome 5 Icon Picker

Enhanced SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Support

Another reason for joy is that you can now enjoy full SVG support through Elementor itself.

Now, if you’re not familiar with SVG images and the benefits they can bring to your designs, take a look at our recent tutorial – SVG Tutorial For Beginners to get a good understanding of this powerful image format for web design.

With the 2.6 updates, you no longer need to rely on 3rd party plugins to sanitize (remove any potentially problematic or malicious code from your SVG images) or to preview your uploaded SVG images in the WordPress Media Library.

That’s now all being taken care of courtesy of Elementor 2.6.

Upload & Preview SVG Images Elementor 2.6
Elementor 2.6 – Direct SVG Support

Improved User Experience

A couple of less glamorous but no less important features are focused on better user experience when working with the Elementor editor.

First off, we have the new Navigator Indicators (see below).

Now, when you’re working with absolute positioned elements, you can see and select the custom positioning from the Navigator panel.

Located on the right of the element, you’ll see a small blue line indicating that absolute positioning is in effect.

Hover over the right side of the element in the Navigator panel and a new flyout will appear with additional user icons.

Personally, I found the blue to be a little too subtle in use, so maybe changing this out for orange or red making it a little more obvious would help.

Still a very useful feature for those using absolute positioning in their page designs.

And finally, we have the new Help Buttons.

When you have any widget selected, scroll to the bottom of the left panel and you’ll see a nice link to context help.

Click this link and you’ll be whisked away to a new page with help on that specific widget. 

Super simple and intuitive!

Elementor 2.6 Navigation Indicators
Elementor 2.6 – Improved Navigator Indicators

So those are the key new features in Elementor 2.6. Some nice updates and new features that should help designers get more creative and reduce the reliance on 3rd party plugins to do some key tasks.

SVG Image Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSJoWxTIHvA

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