If you regularly build websites with WordPress, you’ll know how it gets pretty frustrating having to install all your default plugins one at a time, every time you create a new website.

WP Favs is an easy to use plugin & service and even if you only choose to take advantage of the free version, it can help to not only save you time, but if you build websites using WordPress for a living, it can help make you more money by reducing the amount of time and effort used to get the basic website setup.

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to easily create lists of your default plugins and then bulk install any of your lists in any WordPress website. Best of all, the basic tools are completely free. However, if you want to take advantage of the full power of this service, you may want to consider the Pro version where you can upload and install your commercial or Codecanyon plugins.

Let’s take a look at the service and how to create our first list.

Once you create your account, log in and head over to the New WP Favs link and fill in the name you want to use for your new list and add a description if you feel it’s applicable.

You can now opt to make your new list either public (so anyone can see and use it) or private if you don’t want to share.

Finally, we have the option to choose where our plugins are located.

If you’re using the free service, you are restricted to only choosing plugins that are part of the WordPress.org repository. If you choose to employ the pro version you’ll also be able to use the Codecanyon and Custom Plugins options.

Now, all we need to do now is to search and select the plugins we want to add to our list. For this example, I’ve chosen a few of my standard plugins and then hit the Save button to commit those plugins to your list.

WPFavs for WordPress

Once you’ve created your first list, added some plugins it’s time to move on to adding the WP Favs plugin to your fresh copy of WordPress.

Log in to your Dashboard and head over to the Plug-ins section and choose to add a new plug-in. Search for WP Favs and install the free plug-in. Once installed and activated you can head over to the Settings page by either clicking on the Settings link below the plugin name or by opening up the Tools menu and choosing WP Favs from there.

WPFavs for WordPress

The Settings section allows us to do a couple of simple things. Insert the overall API key, the key for the list we want to load in or if we have an account on WordPress.org, we can call up a list of our favourite plug-ins.

For now, we’ll focus on the overall API key.

From your WP Favs account, simply head over to your account and click the account icon in the top right of the dashboard and choose API Key.

Copy the long string of letters and numbers and paste that into the API field in the WP Favs Settings page and hit the Get WP Favs button.

After a few seconds, you should see a list of your currently created WP Favs show up. You can select any of the lists and click Run This List button.

That’s pretty much it! You’ll be presented with a full list of your selected plugins and you can bulk install and activate them from there.

Super simple and a real time saver!

And that’s How to bulk install your favourite WordPress plugins with WP Favs.

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