How To Use ACF Pro Repeater Fields | Beginners Tutorial

ACF Pro Repeater Fields: A Step-by-Step Guide

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro offers a plethora of field types over its free version. Among these, the repeater field is a versatile tool that can transform the way you input and display dynamic content. Here’s a simple guide to get started:

1. Setting Up ACF Pro:

  • Ensure ACF Pro is installed and activated.
  • Navigate to the field group section.

2. Creating a New Field Group:

  • Click on ‘Add New’ to create a new field group.
  • Name your field group (Note: repeater fields can be part of any field group, not necessarily a dedicated one).

3. Adding the Repeater Field:

  • After naming, the option to include the first field appears.
  • You can select from the dropdown list or use the ‘Browse Fields’ option.
  • Open the ‘Pro’ section, and select ‘Repeater’.
  • For this example, name it “job details”.

4. Working with Subfields:

  • Below the repeater field, you’ll find a ‘subfields’ section.
  • Subfields are fields within your repeater. Let’s create three: a. Text Field:
    • Name it “company”.
    b. WYSIWYG Field:
    • Offers rich-text capabilities.
    • Name it “job description”.
    c. Numeric Field:
    • For representing numerical values.
    • Name it “salary” and prepend it with a currency symbol (e.g., £).

5. Associating with a Custom Post Type:

  • For this example, a custom post type named ‘work experience’ is used.
  • Associate the repeater field with this post type.

6. Inputting Data:

  • Navigate to your custom post type (e.g., ‘work experience’).
  • Click on ‘Add New’.
  • Within the repeater, click ‘Add Row’ to input information.
  • Fields for company, job description, and salary will appear. Fill them in as needed.
  • If you need to remove a row, hover over the right and select ‘remove’.

7. Tweaking Presentation:

  • Several layouts are available for the repeater: Table, Block, and Row.
  • You can switch between these in the repeater field settings.
  • Additional presentation options like pagination are also available.