5 Best WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Plugins For 2022

My TOP 5 Gutenberg WordPress block plugins – both free and premium options to cater for almost any scenario.

When it comes to picking Gutenberg WordPress plugins, there are loads of options available – but which are worth using?

Let me take you through my current top 5 picks to help you build amazing WordPress websites, tap into global styling, add dynamic data and much more.

Gutenberg for WordPress still lacks an awful lot of functionality, but these Gutenberg WordPress block plugins and WordPress themes help bridge the gap between Gutenberg and the current Page Builders.

GenerateBlocks & GeneratePress

GenerateBlocks Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

GenerateBlocks & GeneratePress make a very powerful combination and while at first GenerateBlock may look poorly featured in this comparison to some of the other Gutenberg Block plugins covered here today, it belies the tight integration with GeneratePress.

Included are a solid collection of starter designs for blocks, wireframes and even full designs. This will help you easily get to grips with how GenerateBlocks and Gutenberg work in general and should be a great tool for rapidly prototyping your designs.

At the time of writing, GenerateBlocks has 4 main blocks (Container, Grid, Headline & Button), it is soon to be updated to include some welcome additions in the form of the Loop builder (you can see my first impression of the new features in this video).

Don’t let this simplicity fool you into thinking you’ll be limited in what you can achieve though. With a little planning and forethought, you can easily create flexible, fast loading and well-optimised layouts.

The Grid block has so many well thought out features, that it’s easy to underestimate what can be achieved in minutes. Combine this with GeneratePress Pro and you’ll easily be able to tap into the unbelievably flexible Elements feature (basically, this allows you to inject and customise almost every aspect of the theme and design structure without the need to code anything).

While you currently need the premium version of GenerateBlocks / GeneratePress to tap into dynamic data, the upcoming version 1.5 release will open up some dynamic data in the free version – pretty exciting stuff.

GeneratePress Info

Stackable Gutenberg Blocks

Stackable Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

Stackable is the first Gutenberg block plugin that I really delved into as I found it the most intuitive. With version 3 being released recently, it opened up even more design options that make building your website and blog designs considerably easier (if a little confusing coming from version 2).

I still use Stackable Pro on this website and this post is using many of the fundamental Gutenberg blocks provided by Stackable.

All the key block elements are included, including containers, image blocks and more. You also have a collection of solid blocks for the likes of pricing tables, table of contents, video pop-ups, etc.

The Pro version provides full support for dynamic content

Get an exclusive 10% discount on Stackable Premium using the code WPTUTS10.

Blocksy Info

Kadence Gutenberg Blocks & Kadence Theme

Kadence Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

Kadence Blocks is one of the fastest-growing block plugins for Gutenberg and has gained a lot of great feedback for its very powerful feature set. I’ve used it on several projects and even the free plugin provides an awful lot of key features needed to build your Gutenberg powered website.

Again, we have the full complement of core features like containers, headings, image, etc., and all of them have a considerable amount of control over their look and feel. Combine it with the very popular Kadence Theme and you have the added benefits of global colours, typography and more.

This is one of the key reasons I recommend using the complimentary theme where possible to gain this extra functionality. This simply speeds up your design process and can take a relatively boring job and make it something that can be set up and configured in minutes.

If you need more, Kadence Blocks Pro adds even more options to the already well-specced free plugin. You can easily add dynamic content, custom icons, custom fonts, a premium design library and more.

If you’re working on a tight budget, I’d highly recommend taking Kadence Blocks and Kadence Theme free for a spin and seeing if you actually need anything more to build your next website.

Kadence Theme Info

Cwicly For WordPress

Cwicly Gutenberg

Cwicly is a relatively new WordPress blocks plugin, but it has some exciting features that are unique to the plugin and theme. Firstly, Cwicly is a block plugin and theme rolled into one.

Unlike the other plugins featured in this collection, Cwicly isn’t intended to be used with other themes. So, if you have a preferred theme you enjoy using, this may not be the best choice for you.

Additionally, every copy includes a license for Advanced Custom Fields Pro (or ACF Pro). This means that dynamic content is an integral part of Cwicly and that means you get some pretty advanced features included that make building more complex WordPress sites much easier.

You can easily integrate ACF Pro repeater regions using native blocks and way, way more.

Both CSS Grid and Flexbox are catered for alongside full control over your responsive designs. This is only scratching the surface of what can be done with Cwicly. I’d recommend taking a look at the website to get a real feel for the extensive features on offer.

The learning curve is a little steeper than your traditional Gutenberg block plugin, but that extra effort will be paid back when start to unleash the power on offer.

Get an exclusive 20% discount on Cwicly using the code WPTUTS.

Spectra Gutenberg Block Plugin

Spectre Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

Spectra (formerly known as Ulitmate Addons for Gutenberg) is ‘currently’ a free addon for Gutenberg that provides a collection of useful blocks that should cater for most use cases.

Since rebranding and renaming the plugin, Brainstorm Force (the company behind the incredibly popular Astra theme) has added some additional blocks to the previous offerings toolset.

We now have access to a new Container block that allows us to easily create a container block to group other blocks together and apply styling specifically to the container.

Sure, this is nothing new when you look at the other plugins in this collection, but it’s good to see it now being included in Spectra.

Another neat feature is that Spectra will pick up the global styling from pretty much any theme you pair it with and not just Astra. This will make working with Spectra and your preferred theme an absolute breeze!

While there is no sign of any dynamic content support in the free version, the soon to be released Pro or Premium version will bring some additional functions to the party, including support for dynamic data.


That’s my current pick of the 5 Best WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Plugins. No matter what tool or tools you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to create some amazing WordPress websites with relative ease and remove your reliance on Page Builders and all the time-consuming speed optimisations that tend to go hand in hand with them.